Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club Results

Wendy Brand and Maynie Roberts, who will represent our Club at the District Annis Young Consistency Competition.
Wendy Brand and Maynie Roberts, who will represent our Club at the District Annis Young Consistency Competition.


Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club

A Bell & B.R bell  (Bell Render)
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TUESDAY 1 August 2017: Today, social bowls was played as well as four bowlers were competing to gain entry to the Newcastle District Annis Young Consistency Competition to be held on the 9 October.

The object of the game is to draw as close to the Jack as possible and score points as follows: 4 points for the closest bowl, 3 points for the next closest, 2 points for the next and 1 point for the fourth closest.

The Jack is placed on a washer and if it is moved during play it is replaced on to the washer.

The first player to reach 150 is the winner.

On Rink 2 Wendy Brand was bowling against Vicki Rankin.

Twenty eight ends were played before Wendy finally claimed victory over Vicki 152 v 128.

Karen Green and Maynie Roberts battled for thirty ends. Maynie winning here 155 v 140. Great bowling from all competitors.

Good luck to Wendy and Maynie in the District Final of this competition.

Thanks to markers Francis Betar and Karen McPhie, Umpire Kathie Rimmer and Controlling Body Karen Green.

Format for social bowls was two games of Triples and two games of Fours.

A close contest on Rink 4 Lily Smith, Sandra Leisemann and Kayelene Pearson 16 against Jean Glover, Julie Kennedy and Wendy Jones 13.

Good to see Sandra back from her travels and playing bowls.

Dianne Kiss, Pam Gilchrist, Anne McKenzie and Dale Winter just going down by three shots to Dawn May, Christine Fossey, Jill McBride and Olive McKeown 18 v 15.

A very evenly matched game on Rink 6 with Bev Dunn, Kathy Stone, Kerry Faber and Nola Jackson 18 winning by 1 point against Dawn Jones, Dorothy Thompson (bowling 4 bowls) and Elizabeth Kelly 17.

Pauline Perry, Bev Stephens and Carol Hayden leading all the way and claiming a win in their game against Wilma Drake, Dot Dallas and Lynne Green, final score 20 v 11.

The winners with the lowest margin were Bev Dunn, Kathy Stone, Kerry Faber and Nola Jackson.

Congratulations to Vicki Rankin on your appointment as Chairperson for Newcastle District Match Committee.

Birthday greetings to Olive McKeown and Christine Fossey, forever young.

Thursday 3 August: No bowls played.

Coming events : Round 1 Club Championship Triples Tuesday 15 August. Bi monthly meeting 22 August following bowls.
Sunday mixed bowls, all welcome to play, from beginners to champions.

Every Sunday “kick off” 10.00am, names to be submitted by 9.30am.

Enjoy a game of bowls plus barbecue for just $12. Enquiries ring 4997 0533.



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