Tea Gardens Women’s Bowls Open Consistency Competition

Karen Green, runner up Open Consistency , Club President Robyn Webster and Robyn Beaumont, winner Open Consistency 2017
Karen Green, runner up Open Consistency , Club President Robyn Webster and Robyn Beaumont, winner Open Consistency 2017


Tea Gardens Women’s Bowls

TUESDAY 17th October: Round 1of the Open Consistency Competition as well as social bowls was played.

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The winners of the Consistency Competition were Kayelene Pearson, Bette Saillard, Pam Gilchrist and Karen Green.

These ladies now progress to Round 2. Jill McBride and Wendy Jones were the winners of social bowls with shots plus ends. Birthday greeting to Jill McBride and Dorothy Thompson.

Thursday 19th October: Round 2 of the Competition.

Great bowling by all competitors, but unfortunately there has to be a winner and a runner up. The winners in this even were Carol Hayden, Karen Green, Kayelene Pearson and Robyn Beaumont. These ladies progress to the semi-finals. Dianne Kiss and Verlie Gray enjoyed a game of Singles, grabbing the opportunity of bowling on the grass.

Tuesday 24th October: A good turn up of bowlers for social play and semi final day of the Consistency Competition.

Format for social bowls was 3 games of Fours and a game of Pairs, 21 ends. In the Pairs Dianne Kiss and Bev Rhodes led most of the game only to go down on the last end to Bev Dunn and Lily Smith 17 v 18.

Jean Glover, Judy McGovack, Wendy Jones and Sandra Leisemann had a lead of 6 shots on the 18th end but they were nearly “pipped at the post” by Pauline Perry, Pam Gilchrist, Carolyn Bywater and Elizabeth Kelly who just failed at a come back, losing by 1 shot, 18 v 17. Dawn Jones, Robyn Webster, Julie Kennedy and Deyonne Page proved too strong for the opposition scoring 22 against Sheril Johnson, Wendy Brand/Kerry Faber (played 1/2 game each), Bev Stephens and Lynne Green 16. A convincing win to Dawn May, Jo Younghusband, Kathie Rimmer and Dale Winter 24 v Christine Fossey, Dorothy Thompson, Karen McPhie and Jill McBride 9. The winners with the highest score were Dale Winter’s team. The winner in the Open Consistency Competition is the first bowler to score 150 shots regardless of ends. The semi final draw was Kayelene Pearson v Karen Green on Rink 1 and Robyn Beaumont and Carol Hayden on Rink 2. Kayelene went out strongly in her game leading by 24 shots on the 15th end but Karen just kept “giving it her best shot” and equalised the score on the 22nd end 110 all. Five ends later the score remained equal 130 then Karen gained 7 shots resulting in a 4 shot lead for her on the 27th end.

The 28th end 8 shots to Kayelene, giving her a 2 shot advantage, 29th end 6 more for Kayelene, 147 v Karen 143.

On the 30th end Karen managed to score a massive 9 points. Karen 152 v Kayelene 148.An impressive finish to a nail biting game. The other game saw Robyn holding the lead from start to finish. Despite Carol sending down some great shots and on some ends scoring 8 and 7, Robyn’s lead proved unattainable. The game was over on the 26th end Robyn 156 v Carol 104. Fabulous bowling by all competitors, a pleasure to watch.

Thursday 26th October: Social bowls, 2 games of Pairs 18 ends, and of course the final of the Open Consistency Competition. Bette Saillard and Deyonne Page defeated Lynda Richards 20 v 14.

Bev Stephens and Lorraine Harvey winners 18 v Kerry Faber and Lynne Green 13. Good to see Lorraine back at bowls. Most important, the final of the Consistency Competition Karen Green against Robyn Beaumont. All present knew this would be a tough contest, both finalists were keen to win the title.

A “neck to neck” battle commenced 65 all at the completion of the 13th end. On the 15th end Robyn scored the maximum 10 shots, with gave her a lead of 12 shots. Karen delivered some great bowls but some how Robyn managed to out bowl her, scoring another 10 shots on the 22nd end. The 26th end resulted in Robyn reaching the magic 150 mark, Karen reached 110. A wonderful display of “consistent bowling” ladies. Following the final, players and club members enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by the Social Committee. A big thank you to all those who umpired, marked, acted as the Controlling Body and to our Social Committee without people pitching in to help at this type of event they would never happen. A “pat on the back” to all concerned.



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