Tea Gardens Women’s Bowls results

A shot played by Julie Kennedy,  it was the winning  shot
A shot played by Julie Kennedy, it was the winning shot

Tea Gardens Women’s Bowls


TUESDAY 16 August: Perfect weather conditions to enjoy a game of bowls with a great bunch of people.

Everyone joined in to wish Kathy Stone a happy birthday.

Format for the day was triples, winners of the day were Dianne Kiss, Robyn Webster and Lorraine Harvey with the highest margin. The photo shows a shot played by Julie Kennedy ,  it was the winning  shot as her bowl remains live, even though it is in the ditch, as it touched the jack. Nearly an unbeatable shot.

Mullane & Lindsay
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Thursday 18 August: Another glorious sunny day. Could you think of anything better to do than enjoy the sunshine and fresh air at the same time, getting some exercise playing bowls.

The format for today was triples the winners with shots plus ends were Margaret Smith, Robyn Webster and Kathy Rimmer.

All players preparing for the Club Triple Championship, first round Tuesday, 23 August.



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