The Coastal Claymakers showcase one of Japan’s oldest pottery firing techniques

All safety procedures are strictly followed whilst practising this ancient technique.


THE Raku firing technique is one of the oldest techniques in pottery.

In Japan, Raku refers to the potter’s family name that has been passed down for over four hundred years.

All of nature’s elements are used during this traditional practise.

The pot is made from the material found in the EARTH.

It is then placed in the heat of an intense FIRE before being plunged into WATER to stop the burning process and left to cool in the AIR.

The Coastal Claymakers are delighted to be preparing for an upcoming Raku firing event on Saturday July 31.

“Winter is ideal for the ancient Japanese technique of Raku Firing,” Michaela from the Coastal Claymakers told News Of The Area.

At this event a simple firing technique will be used, where bisque-fired pottery is fired in a small basic kiln.

The temperature will reach approximately one thousand degrees centigrade before the pot is then removed as it is glowing hot with long metal tongs.

“Your adrenaline will be pumping when you are lifting a red hot, glowing pot with long metal tongs out of the small kiln,” Michaela said.

There will be a metal bin to the side of the kiln that will be lined with combustible materials such as sawdust.

The glowing pot will then be placed into that material.

“The dense smoke creates pot-firing reduction and produces brilliant lustre effects, which always surprise and delight,” she stated.

The event will adhere to all safety procedures as this will involve working with hot kilns and glowing red pottery.
The event is also COVID-safe.

If you are interested in obtaining more information, or attending this event please contact Michaela on 0412929030 or email [email protected]

It will be running Saturday July 31 from 10:00am-1:00pm.




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