The Community Transport Co is looking for volunteer drivers in the Nambucca and Macksville area

Judith has been giving back to the community as a volunteer driver for more than seven years.

COULD YOU be the person who will make a difference this week?

The Community Transport Co is looking for volunteer drivers in the Nambucca and Macksville area who are available for as little as one day a week.

Active people who are physically fit, enjoy driving and are confident with people from all walks of life.

Safe drivers who are helpful and caring; who enjoy a chat and don’t mind listening to a yarn.

People who will provide safe and reliable transport services.

Marion Campbell from Community Transport says they have some wonderful volunteer drivers and they’d love to get a few more.

“To many of our customers, our drivers are a lifeline to the outside world, and the beautiful part is that the drivers enjoy the interactions with their passengers too, often forming closing connections on regular trips,” she said.

“Our most successful volunteers seem to be retirees in their early 60s who are fit and capable with a good driving record.”

Not all passengers are elderly people needing transport to medical appointments or shopping centres.

In many isolated areas and places without regular bus services, people who don’t drive or own a car rely on Community Transport to be part of the community.

Many people also take advantage of Community Transport for group social outings.

Marion explains that the need for more volunteers now has come about primarily because, post-Covid, many current volunteers are taking time out now for holidays and travel that had been put off, leaving fewer drivers on the road.

“Our volunteers are an integral part of what we do and we ensure they are trained in all the necessary requirements,” she explains.

“We cover the cost of training, such as First Aid, uniforms and necessary checks, and we supply modern vehicles from our fleet.”

Judith has been a volunteer driver two days a week in the Macksville area for more than seven years, since she retired as a teacher at the local high school.

“If you like driving and you like chatting, you’ll love this work,” she said.

“What I enjoy most is the interaction with the people I meet.

“Community Transport is a great group to work for – just great for volunteers.

“The community has given me a lot and now I’m giving back.”

The Community Transport Company started more than 35 years ago and has grown to a team of 125 people and 40 vehicles, all working towards access, inclusion, independence and equality through flexible transport options.

If you know someone who would love to be involved in Community Transport as a volunteer, ask them to call 1300 812 504.


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