The complex nature of Paper Subdivisions in the Mid Coast


NORTH Arm Cove Rate Payers Association have created the North Arm Cove Initiative, a plan for a sustainable community and future for the area.

Currently these landowners are unable to build on their properties due to the current paper land subdivision status.

The MidCoast Council is currently developing the Draft Rural Strategy for exhibition later in the year.

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A representative of the Council said, “Some of the challenges we discuss on a regular basis with land owners include: lack of basic services and infrastructure, including a large number of properties that do not have access to a publicly owned, constructed or maintained road; the topography and environmental constraints, including some lands that are affected by coastal wetlands, flooding/inundation and buffers to the PS-GL Marine Park; the NSW Rural Fire Service bushfire guidelines are also restrictive in terms of only having one road providing access to the existing villages (Carrington, North Arm Cove, Pindimar) let alone placing additional people, homes and assets in an area of bushfire risk; and most significantly for North Arm Cove, the challenges associated with the number of allotments and land owners in terms of the State Guidelines for paper subdivisions.”

The representative discussed the complexity of the Paper Subdivisions in the Mid Coast and their ongoing analysis of the land as well as the ownership of certain lots.

“Regarding properties that have been transferred to Council in lieu of unpaid rates, these properties will continue to be transitioned into the most appropriate environmental zone to reflect the inherent environmental value of these sites.

“It must be noted that Council does not purchase these properties or provide compensation, but does cover the legal fees associated with the transfer of ownership, which can be up to $2000 per property.”

For anyone wishing to stay up to date with the development of the Council’s Draft Rural Strategy head to



2 thoughts on “The complex nature of Paper Subdivisions in the Mid Coast

  1. Well what an easy way for the Council to take no responsibility for the area of NAC.Number one NAC non urban lands is not affected by flooding.If the entrance of Carrington Rd floods Council is responsible for this.If there is only one road to access the Village of NAC this is a council problem.If the Village doesnt progress this is because the MCC want it this way.

  2. They have the upper hand having picked up so many lots by dubious means. They take over a property for due rates after people have got fed up & don’t pay. I think this may be illegal because the legislation allows them to sell the properties to recover the lost income. However they never offer for sale thereby artificially keeping value of paper subdivisions high. I believe that they claim a fictitious loss because they have unpaid rates. ERGO higher land valuations and higher rates. And they are actually LANDBANKING by keeping the properties, then claiming a review of rates because of no income. To me its double dipping and illegal, they should be called to account.

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