The Environmental Protection Agency Investigates Offensive Odour

On site investigations at the Coffs Harbour Landfill facility.


HAVE you come across the offensive odour that can hover over Hogbin Drive and can extend as far north as Brelsford Park some days and nights?

This reporter personally has, and it’s certainly not pleasant.

It is also now the subject of investigation by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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In a statement released last week, the EPA said there have been a series of offensive odour complaints that have been in line with an increase in rainfall in the Boambee Valley.

Several complaints have been received since 3 April 2021 in the vicinity of the Coffs Harbour Landfill waste facility and the Biomass Waste Treatment facility in Englands Road.

The EPA statement said, “The timing of complaints and information from the community suggests the odour is at its worst during evening hours and in the early hours of the morning.

“We don’t want communities impacted by offensive odours and unable to enjoy their homes, gardens and local communities.

“This is why we’re taking a range of actions aimed at providing relief to residents as a top priority.”

EPA staff are working to identify the source and mitigate the offensive odour.

They were onsite at both the Coffs Harbour Landfill waste facility and the Biomass Waste Treatment facility in Englands Road on 26 April 2021 and also conducted comprehensive odour surveys in the early hours of 27 April 2021 in an attempt to determine the source and cause of the offensive odours.

Prior, the EPA inspected both facilities on 9 April 2021, however officers were unable to determine any obvious source of the offensive odours.

Evening observations were also carried out on 19 April 2021 to ascertain if there had been compliance with landfill capping requirements, which is an odour minimisation licence requirement.

According to the EPA statement those observations found that the capping requirements were met.

The EPA admits that odours are notoriously difficult to identify, can travel a long way from the source and are highly subjective.

They are still investigating and are seeking help from anyone experiencing the offensive odour to call the EPA’s Enviro Line on 131 555.


By Sandra MOON

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