The Horses Helping Humans program is changing lives at Pog’s Place

Beck, Debby and Warren at Pog’s Place, Nambucca Valley.


HORSES Helping Humans is a science-based program that is changing lives through its proven techniques of building confidence, discovering your voice and finding peace with trauma.

The program, designed by Sue Spence Communications, is now being offered to the Nambucca Valley community at Pog’s Place.

Warren Pogonoski, the founder of Pog’s Place, has some forty years of horsemanship experience under his big-buckled belt, and is a Sue Spence-trained program facilitator.

“Often the hardest step is the first one, but it’s almost always certainly worth it,” said Warren.

“Our program is evidence based with success from our first session.

“We pride ourselves on safety, positive experiences and making you feel comfortable and confident.”

Warren, his wife Debby, and Volunteer Assistant Beck Beverley are focusing on the Horses Helping Humans method because “it works”, helping people suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, traumatic experiences, anger issues, behavioural, eating disorders, drug and alcohol addictions or those who have just lost their way.

“There’s so much to unpack in the program,” Warren told News Of The Area.

“When people are suffering from depression, they find it hard to say no or to set boundaries.

“Working with people to control and ask the horse, and it does what they ask of it, is a powerful moment for them.

“Horses can read human body language, and using the foundations of Horses Helping Humans, teaches us to breathe and stand tall and the horse will respond.

“We identify trigger responses and teach jelly belly breathing and how to diffuse feelings of nervousness and lack of confidence.

“We peel back the layers to find the real you before the world changed you.

“Once learned, these techniques can be used next time those feelings come on in other situations like struggling at school, being bullied, or just saying ‘no’.

“We often start with the kids in a family, and it has a ripple effect bringing the parents into the program, too.

“Our award winning, trademarked program is the only one recognised of its kind in Australasia,” said Warren.

“We are fully insured, licenced, an NDIS provider and a registered COVID-safe business.”

For more information call 0265642331 or email [email protected] or connect on Facebook at




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