The Loggerheads Malibu Club surf through a tough year and wind up the season with annual awards at Scotts Head

Jamie Lawson is congratulated by former club champion Mark Fuller on being awarded the Loggerheads Malibu Club Champion for 2021.


LAST weekend the Loggerheads Malibu Club completed the 2021 longboard surfing season with their annual awards presentation at Scotts Head.

Now in its 37th year, the Club has faced one of its most challenging seasons due to the impact of COVID restrictions on the ability to hold monthly competitions.

Nonetheless they were able to get enough surfing done to establish rankings and hand out a swag of awards at season’s end.

The Loggerheads hit the water before the formalities of the annual awards with an Old Mal Rally where surfers competed on longboards manufactured in the 1960’s.

These classic boards are much heavier and less manoeuvrable than their modern descendants which made for some interesting viewing from the beach.

The Old Mal Rally was won by veteran surfer Mark Fuller who exhibited some impressive skills in surf conditions that had become very challenging by finals time.

For 2021 the coveted Club Champion Award went to Jamie Lawson who has been consistently strong through the year with Mark Fuller close behind in second place.

Other award winners were:

Juniors – 1st Sol Cunningham, 2nd Lilly Lawson

Ladies – 1st Holly Williams, 2nd Lin Sullivan

Over 60’s – 1st Mark Fuller, 2nd Geoff Gardener

Open 9’ – 1st Jamie Lawson, 2nd Mick Birtles

Most Improved – Geoff Gardner

Club Person – Mick Birtles

The Donny Freudenstein Over 60s Achievement Award went to Mark Fuller, a deserving winner.

Before the pandemic struck, the Club was renowned across the longboard fraternity for hosting the Annual Loggerheads Classic.

It has been two years since the cream of the county’s longboard surfers were able to descend on Scotts Head for the Classic.

Club President Barry Jagoe told News Of The Area, “Everything is all set for the postponed 36th Loggerheads Malibu Classic to take place in July 2022.”

The event brings hundreds of surfers to the Nambucca Valley for the three days of competition.

“Competitors from all around the country are sick of lockdowns and travel restrictions preventing them from surfing competitively and I expect the 36th Loggerheads Malibu Classic to be the most hotly contested ever,” added Barry.

The Loggerheads Malibu Club is open to all ages and abilities, will start their new season in February 2022 and are always looking for new members to join the fun.

The Loggerheads invite you to visit them on Facebook to find out more.




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