The Macksville Aquatic centre is set to reopen in stages

The Macksville Olympic swimming pool with a new heating system is ready to go.


WITH the recent floods in the Nambucca Valley, the Macksville Aquatic Centre has taken a hard hit.

General Manager of Nambucca Valley Council, Michael Coulter, told News Of The Area, “The gym incurred substantial damage in the 19-21 March rain/flood event to the extent that the ceiling and wall between the weight’s room and floor exercise room had to be demolished before it fell.”

The Council lodged an insurance claim some weeks ago and is yet to have a determination from them.

In order for the gym to be repaired and back in use Mr Coulter said, “Before the ceiling and wall is replaced there will need to be a redesign and upgrade of a box gutter and downpipes between the two rooms.”

With many locals desperate to get back into the gym, Council is projecting that the gym should be open and operational by Spring 2021.

The hydrotherapy pool was also in need of repair.

The heat pump and gas heater needed attention before the hydrotherapy pool was back up to operational standard.

Now the hydrotherapy pool is fixed and back in working order, however the community will need to wait until the July 1 opening date.

Local physiotherapist Tamara Urquhart uses the hydrotherapy pool on a regular basis for her patients and they have all felt the impact of the loss of this amazing community pool in the recent months.

“We use the hydrotherapy pool for rehabilitation, post-operative,” she said.

“We had some of our patients go and try the Nambucca Heads heated indoor pool but it is too cold for them.

“It is an indoor heated pool not a hydrotherapy pool.”

Soulitude Health patients use the hydrotherapy pool for numerous medical reasons.

Visitors include young children with cerebral palsy, elderly with Parkinson’s Disease, those in pain needing exercise in order to maintain mobility and positive mental health as well as patients recovering from knee, hip, spine and other surgeries needing rehabilitation.

The Macksville Marlins Swimming Club have also felt the loss of the Aquatic Centre.

They use the hydrotherapy pool to train during the winter months, however now with the pool closed the Club has been traveling to Nambucca Heads indoor pool and are required to wait for a vacancy in that pool to try and maintain their high level of swimming training.

“It has come at a bad time,” Ms Urquhart said.

All community members have their fingers and toes crossed for a speedy re-opening of the Macksville Aquatic centre in order to fulfil the vast and varied needs both physically and mentally of so many people in the Nambucca Valley community.




The Macksville Hydrotherapy pool is desperately missed by so many in the community.

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