The Nambucca Valley Lion Club Trash and Treasure market is back in town

Nambucca Valley Lions Club members Harry Mills, Bill Shepherd, Grahame Beatton, Norm Pettersen and John Wilson at Lions Lookout, Nambucca Heads.


THE Nambucca Heads Lions Club Trash and Treasure market returned to the Nambucca Plaza Centre Carpark on 9 May with joy and enthusiasm after a long break owing to restrictions imposed by COVID.

The market has not been held since March 2020.

The Trash and Treasure market is held every second Sunday of each month.

There were 14 happy stall holders displaying their wares for sale.

Approximately 500 people attended the market throughout the day, and according to Club Secretary Bill Shepherd it was, “A great success.”

The Nambucca Heads Lions club relies on fundraising activities, such as sausage sizzles, to raise money needed to complete community projects.

The community projects and regular activities carried out by the Lions, including the daily cleaning of all the BBQs running from Scotts Head through to the Lions Park at the Headland, require the efforts of committed Lions Club members or Friends of the Lions Club to occur.

Lions Club President Grahame Beatton said, “If we don’t have membership we can’t do what we do.

“Membership is critical to what the club does.

“We clean 11 BBQs every day, all year.

“Quite a few members live out of town so it’s a long way for them to come and clean BBQs.”

Alongside these service projects is the vital role that the Lions Club plays in assisting when disaster strikes in the Valley.

Bill shared that the Club is heavily involved in installing new fencing in areas that were hit by more than one disaster.

Bill said, “The Lions club is again redoing the fencing because of the floods.

“People have been hit for the third time.

“Hit by drought, hit by fire, hit by flood.”

When disaster does hit the Valley the Lions Club is then supported by the International Lions Foundation (ILF) and The Australian Lions Foundation (ALF).

“We have never been refused,” says Bill.

The ALF contributed funds after the recent floods to assist with fencing.

Nambucca Heads Lions Club also works closely with the Nambucca Valley Council, who according to Bill, are very supportive of the Club’s projects.

The Council shows their support by providing workers and tools to complete projects.

One example of a current project is the Lions Lookout at the Headland which is being regenerated, including the Whale Viewing platform.

The Nambucca Heads Lions Club currently has 34 members, some of who are honorary members, which Grahame says leaves about 20 people to do the work.

They would like to have more members to join the club and help out in the community.

The Lions Club commitment to community is summed up by Bill.

“Being community based, you’ve only got to say hey we need you.

“And if we’ve got the man power, we’re there.”



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