The National Bowel Cancer Screening Program’s poo test is free, simple and could save your life

The National Bowel Cancer Screening Program poo test kit.


LOW participation numbers in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program has fired-up Cancer Council NSW, with the local Coffs Harbour team urging everyone throughout the Mid North Coast to do the poo test.

“Many people squirm at the idea of doing the test and having to collect their poo,” Louise Jeffs, Coffs Coast Cancer Council NSW’s Community Programs Coordinator told News Of The Area.

“I liken it to changing a nappy, we don’t like doing it but it’s a necessity and could save your life.

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Bowel cancer is Australia’s second biggest cancer killer.

It kills more people in NSW than prostate cancer, breast cancer or melanoma.

“The test just takes a couple of minutes.

“You do the test twice, two days in a row.

“The kit provides a stick to collect your poo, you need to collect less than a grain of rice, it’s very simple,” said Louise.

“Ninety per cent of bowel cancer can be successfully treated if detected early so finding it early can substantially improve a person’s chance of surviving the disease.”

The National Bowel Cancer Screening Program is an Australian government initiative that sends out free bowel cancer screening tests to all eligible Australians aged 50-74.

Once you reach the age category the test will be posted to you every two years around the time of your birthday.

“We know that after doing the test, 80 percent of people go on to repeat the test when next invited.

“The bowel cancer screening test detects blood in poo, which can be a sign of precancerous lesions and cancers in the early stages and often these don’t have any symptoms.”

Hopping on the Poo Test participation drive, Gurmesh Singh, Member for Coffs said, “What better way to save your life, do the test, it’s just so simple.

“And the test kit comes with full easy to follow instructions, and what’s even better, there’s no cost involved.”

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