Tilligerry: A dog lovers paradise

MACDOG members at their Saturday get-together.


THE Covid-19 lockdowns of 2020 and the past few weeks have seen an explosion in the number of people owning dogs as isolated residents seek companionship.

With both on-lead and off-lead waterfront exercise areas as well as an active dog obedience group, Tilligerry is an ideal place for responsible dog owners to live.

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Long time group member Fay Boyd says that getting out and about with a furry friend is a great way to get social interaction.

“Whereas passersby just say hello, other dog owners always stop for a chat and to compare notes,” she said.

“It’s the same at MACDOG (Mallabula Anglican Church Dog Obedience Group),” she remarked.

“Great friendships are formed between both pets and people when we get together at our church grounds,” she added.

“Currently, with the Covid lockdown, we are in recess but usually meet every Saturday morning before 8am with a beginners’ group welcome on the first Saturday of the month.”

All details of the group’s activities can be accessed by contacting Fay on 0401 496 225.

A Google search for ‘Dog Exercise Areas Near Me’, will provide residents with an instant map of the designated on and off-lead areas in Port Stephens.

These are signposted and ‘doggie-doo’ bins are strategically placed at the ends of them.

Rangers patrol them on an ‘as needs’ basis.

Port Stephens Councillor Steve Tucker, himself a dog owner, said that he had always supported local dog walkers by guaranteeing there were ample areas set aside for them to exercise their pets.

“When I was first elected to Council some 17 years ago, I got great support from the Companion Animal group,” he said.

“At the time there was a concerted effort by some activists to get dogs away from the waterfront areas and confined to a caged-in compound up at the back of the oval,” he stated.

“I was against this so they campaigned for me.

“They even put my flyers in the doggie-doo black bags inside the dispensers in the parks.

“These bore the catchphrase ‘Number One in the Tucker Box’ printed on them and it worked like a charm!” he added.




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