Tilligerry apiarists are looking forward to a promising season for honey

Bert attending his hives and their local honey for sale at the Tilligerry Habitat.


AUSTRALIA is one of the few countries in the world which doesn’t harbour the varroa mite which destroys bee colonies. That’s why countless millions of our healthy bees are exported to North America each year to assist in crop pollination.

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Tilligerry is an ideal foraging area for bees with a wide variety of flora from which they collect nectar.

Our Golf Club clover gives us a clear honey whilst the paperbarks’ nectar produces a deep, dark, full flavoured variety.

Local apiarists are looking forward to a promising season after a bushfire took out so much of the flora a year or so ago. This spring the bush will once again bloom and the bees will have something of a well earned smorgasboard to browse on.

For some five years now Bert and Dorathea Willey have been producing honey at Tanilba Bay. They moved from acreage in the Riverina and brought their bees with them.

Their fresh local honey is sold at the Tilligerry Habitat where Dorathea is a volunteer worker.

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