Tilligerry Social Golf Club


TILLIGERRY Social Golf Club results for 25/6/21

Outright winners: Bryan Porter & Barry Gale 43

Runners up: John Clayton & Bob West 41

Ball winners: Wendy Couvaras & Peter Couvaras    40

Laurie Porter-Smith &  Bill  Caswell.    40

Bradman Award: Colin Marsden & Bill McMaster

NTP4th:     (A) Bryan Porter

(B) Colin Marsden

D&C7th:   (A) Bryan Porter.

(B) Bill McMaster

Money hole: (A) Hugh Potts

Lucky number 8: Hugh Potts

There were sixteen starters today.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Next game Friday 2/7/21 Single Stableford Eclectic.

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