Tim ‘the Bream’ – family and friends celebrate his life

Tim ‘the Bream’ March – celebrating the life of this much-loved Valla local.


UNIMAGINABLE; a loved one goes off for their day and doesn’t return.


It’s a true story that stirs the locals in Valla from the day it happened to the families of Tim ‘the Bream’ March, and his mate Jarrath Hillyer.

In 2019 Tim and Jarrath set off to go sea-fishing in familiar and ordinary circumstances.

And never returned – forsaken to the sea.

Heidi March, Tim’s daughter told News Of The Area, “On Saturday 3 July, 2021 at 10.30am a celebration service will be held at the Nambucca RSL for our Dad.”

Jarrath’s ‘send-off’ will happen in his home town in Bombala.

“The decision has been made for the send-off the reason that once the inquest has taken place on the 16th June Dad and Jarrath will be officially declared deceased.

“For us we could not have a send-off for Dad and close his life off with the formalities still not finalised.

“How do you say goodbye to someone when they are somewhat still existing?

“When you grieve there are no rules but for us this was a process that we both felt was the way to move forward in this process.

“Our Dad was well known around the local area.

“For many things, but especially his genuine character for enjoying having a good time with all walks of life.

“He was a true mate to so many and was always the bloke to offer a helping hand whether it was using his handyman trade skills, giving some kind of direction or having a chat and beer.

“As courageous as he was, he had a soft gentle heart.”

The theme of the send-off is to come along and celebrate Tim’s life.

“Dad loved a party and any excuse to celebrate.

“What happened with Dad and Jarrath is a tragedy.

“However, we do not want a day of mourning.

“We want a day of celebration looking back on the full life Dad has lived.

“He always had a great story to tell and he departed this earth in his true style doing just that.”

At the RSL family and friends will have his send-off service and then head to the Valla Tavern to celebrate the Tim ‘the Bream’ way.

“We are so warm heartedly grateful for each and every person who has supported us and still continues to support us,” said Heidi.

“This will never be forgotten and will remain close to our hearts forever.

“We would love to thank each and every person in the community that played a part in the search for Dad and Jarrath from people walking the beaches, searching the ocean whether it was on land, in the water or above.

“Also to everyone in the social media circular who helped spread the word on the search.

“We would love to give gratitude and thanks to The Coffs Water Police, Authorities and the Marine Rescue, what you all do out there is truly amazing.

“I know you have definitely touched our lives.”

A big message that Heidi and her family would like to convey to the community is water safety.

“Going out on the water, don’t take it lightly.

“Be safe always, take extra precautions.

“Really invest in quality safety gear.

“Communication is key, tell your loved ones, check in with the marine rescue, always have your ETA.”

Jaraths ‘send off’ will be at his home town in Bombala – no dates have been announced as yet.




Jarrath Hillyer whose life will be celebrated in his home town of Bombala.

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