Tinkerbell the Companion Dog exploring Nelson Bay

Tinkerbell and Janelle Smith exploring Nelson Bay. Photo by Marian Sampson.
Tinkerbell and Janelle Smith exploring Nelson Bay. Photo by Marian Sampson.


TINKERBELL is a companion dog who gives aid to her owner just like a guide dog does, and she goes literally everywhere with her.

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As a therapy dog Tinkerbell is subject to the same rules as a guide dog, enabling her to stay with her owner in shops, at restaurants and on transport.

The tiny Shih Tzu wears a coat to identify her as a companion animal.

Janelle Smith Tinkerbells owner told News Of The Area, “The best thing about having Tinkerbell is the love I can give her and the love she gives me.”

Prior to having Tinkerbell, Janelle was isolated and was unable to get out and about.

Tinkerbell is a rescued Shih Tzu, who was a mother in a puppy mill.

Becoming a therapy dog has given both Tinkerbell and Janelle a whole new life.

While Tinkerbell is reserved and doesn’t know how to play due to her time in the puppy mill, she does provide a perfect level of companionship which is exactly what Janelle needed.

Janelle has found that some shops and cafes are unaware of the laws around companion animals like Tinkerbell being in food premises but generally once they have things explained there are no problems.

“I now go travelling with Tinkerbell in our caravan,” she said.



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