Tracey Budworth’s great Tanilba Bay Wall

Tracy, her wall and sandstone blocks waiting to be positioned.
Tracy, her wall and sandstone blocks waiting to be positioned.


YOU’VE no doubt heard of The Great Wall of China, The Berlin Wall, Hadrian’s Wall and the proposed Donald Trump wall to keep the Mexicans out?

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Well, Tanilba Bay now has its own Great Wall in Diggers Drive, just a bit past the arched gates on the left on the way to the foreshore.

Why? This Is what we asked the new owner, Tracey Budworth who has moved here with her partner Greg from Newcastle.

“It’s the ‘WOW’ factor,” she explained as she helped backfill the solid block sandstone structure with black loam.

The dynamic duo sourced the huge cut blocks of stone from a quarry near Gosford. Each one would weigh in at around a tonne and large blocks were no dearer than the smaller ones so they went the whole hog.

“It’s not cheap,” Ms Budworth said.

“The blocks alone were $10 000 and we’ve had a team of professionals in with their heavy machinery to put them in place.”

“We plan to construct a permaculture garden focusing on edible vegetation,”she added.

“The previous owner was a little upset that we dug up her garden but was happier when we gave a lot of the plants away and put a many of them in our backyard.”

Ms Budworth said, “It looks a bit messy at the moment but wait ’till it’s all done and dusted.”



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