Tree-o exhibition brings seascapes and ceramics to resonate with timber works

Sarah Andersen, partner in Tree-o embraces a different Opening experience.


OPENING Night for Tree-o Gallery’s 7th Showcase exhibition wasn’t the big celebration they had planned due to Covid-19 restrictions postponing the usual opening night festivities – but a bustling day of browsers on the first day helped make up for the pooped party.

Talking about the new exhibition, Sarah Andersen, one of the three furniture designers/makers at Tree-o told News Of The Area, “We have an artist profile book to select artists whose work would resonate well not only with each other, but also with our timber pieces.”

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The exquisitely crafted furniture and homewares give the featured artists’ works, by photographer Chris ‘Hewy’ Hewgill, and ceramicist Gloria Malone, a wide range of fine settings.

Tree-o’s solid timber tables come alive with settings of porcelain tableware and lights by Gloria.

Large canvases and white-wash frames hold space for seascapes and foaming waves photographed by Chris.

“What the artists bring allows us to create a picture of what the pieces may look like in someone’s own space,” said Sarah.

Chris has two different types of photography; seascapes which capture different moods especially in the golden hours of sunrise and sunset; and in-the-water photography.

“I put the camera in a waterproof housing and swim out to become immersed in the ocean.

“It’s a love, my obsession,” Chris told News Of The Area.

Chris captures the region’s blues and greens and how they contrast with the yellow sand on this coast, along with foaming waves and crystal waters.

Gloria’s personal experience of the bush fires in 2019/20 inspired her ‘Fire on the Escarpment’ series showing in the exhibition.

“It was horrific,” she said.

“It was burning up on the Dorrigo plateau, burning like it had never burned before and then it came down the mountain towards Bellingen where I live.”

It is this rolling fire, along with her statements on climate change that inspired the colours and transparent patterns in her porcelain tableware and lamp shades.

Open Mon-Sat, the exhibition closes 5 September.




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