Trip down memory lane for Nicole Sellick at her old school in Lemon Tree Passage

Memories – Nicole back at her old school in Lemon Tree Passage.
Memories – Nicole back at her old school in Lemon Tree Passage.


FORMER kindergarten pupil at the old Lemon Tree Passage School, Nicole Sellick (nee Lake) is back in town.

Karuah & District RSL Club
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She has returned from the Southern Highlands to care for her mother who is recuperating from a recent illness.

Nicole has very happy memories of the school and her childhood growing up in Tanilba Bay.

“I always feel that ‘I’m home’ when I come back,” she said.

“The school consisted of about six classrooms. There was a great sense of belonging with much more personal contact.” The Easter hat parade was a fun time and we really cared about one another and the town,” she said.

“There was much more freedom in those times. We played in the bush, swam in the bay and always felt safe. Koalas, kangaroos and echidnas  were common. It was very much an outdoor lifestyle before the electronic era took over children’s lives,” she added.

“My dad was in the bushfire brigade and we were given rides on the truck and Santa would throw us bags of lollies at Christmas time.”

“There was also a big bonfire and cracker night beside the fire station on the long weekend,” she said.

“The fire brigade and the RAAF even got together one day and blew up dangerous trees in the playground with high explosives while the kids watched on,” she added.

“The big difference I notice in children these days is the lack of respect that they show to authority  figures such as parents, teachers and police.”

“These days there is always some excuse for bad behaviour and teachers spend far too much time with problem children. Good kids just don’t get a fair go with the way things are in this modern age,” she said.

“I’ll be here for about six months and look forward to meeting up with my school friends from yesteryear. I hope they still recognise me,” she added.



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