Troy Powell takes his job to a whole detail level

Troy Powell, the reluctant hero who came to the rescue of Mrs Rees.Photo by Jewell Drury
Troy Powell, the reluctant hero who came to the rescue of Mrs Rees.Photo by Jewell Drury

In any profession there are good and bad, whether it’s a tradesperson, lawyer, doctor or local hairdresser.

Unfortunately many “tradie” professions suffer from bad publicity.

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There are two sides to every story and although the media seems to focus on the ‘bad tradies’, there are also homeowners who won’t pay good tradespeople for a job well done and have little respect for their time or value treating them as second rate citizens.

There are many honest and wonderful tradesman in the Tomaree Peninsular and for that we can be grateful.

Job request after job request of ‘menial’ jobs come through regularly on the local social media sites.

Last week the requests varied from a broken fan, needing a new powerpoint installed to a single downlight fitted.

Most were pensioners who after repeatedly being let down by ‘no show’ tradesmen, were at the end of their tethers and just needed help.

Troy Powell rode into town on his white horse and by the end of the day had addressed every problem and met every need.

“I had a broken fan that nobody would come and fix for me, it had been so hot in my home and I was desperate,” Mrs Tonia Rees an 86 year old resident of Soldiers Point told Bay News Of The Area.

“Troy arrived when he said he would, gave me his quote and finished the work that afternoon, he was so lovely,” Mrs Rees said.

“It didn’t take him long and he was so nice to me, he even cleaned up after himself.”

Troy Powell has been an electrician for more than 34 years working for various companies.

He recently branched into his own business giving him the freedom to do what he is passionate about.

“It doesn’t matter if you are Granny May who just needs a new powerpoint put in or if you are Donald Trump who needs the Trump Tower rewired, everyone is equally important,” he said.

Troy believes in the importance of doing things once, doing them right the first time and always standing behind your work.

Contact Troy Powell at Platinum Electricians for more information

By Jewell DRURY

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