Try Hockey with Nelson Bay Hockey Club

Some of the members of Nelson Bay Hockey enjoying a training drill. Photo by Marian Sampson.


SPORT is something every child needs in their lives.

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It helps them to learn team man ship and leadership skills and to keep fit and healthy.

Many families struggle to get their kids to different fixtures in different neighbourhoods every weekend.

Nelson Bay Hockey, offers families a chance to get their kids involved in sport that doesn’t take all weekend and all happens at one location; the hockey fields at Salamander Bay.

Even better training and drills are held prior to each game.

The Hockey Club is back in action and their COVID-19 response is impressive.

The club has roped off areas, sanitiser and registrations for everyone on site.

The club has children’s and adults teams and there is a real sense of community surrounding their activities.

At the moment you can try out hockey for one week to see if your child enjoys the game.

You will need mouthguards to try hockey.

The NSW Government is releasing their next $100 Active Kids Voucher which means you can sign your child up for Hockey with Nelson Bay Hockey Club at a very minimal cost.

Registration is free for new members who sign up before 18 July.

The voucher will be released in July and will cover a child’s membership with the club through to the end of June 2021.

Vince Northwood told News Of The Area, “This weekend there were quite a few children participating in try hockey and the program will run for the next two weeks as well.

“Hockey offers an optional training session mid-week but training and skills are held prior to each Saturday morning with each age groups training and match games running for around 1.5 hours,” he said.

Each member gets a club shirt when they join and parents supply shoes, shin pads and mouth guards.

The current season will go from July to September and all games are held at Salamander Bay.

You can find out more and register to try hockey at Salamander Bay on the clubs website or Facebook page.



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