Ukulele jamming is back with sessions in Sawtell

Stephanie Sims with her popular Ukulele jamming session.


UKULELE players from the Coffs Coast were able to jam together again at 63 First Avenue for the first time in over a year since COVID restrictions deemed singing a ‘risk’ activity.

Last Saturday (June 19) over 30 locals came together for the Sawtell Ukulele Jam.

“We’ve been running the jams for the past four years, once a month at 63 First Ave,” Uko Ono’s Stephanie Sims told News Of The Area.

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“The jams are open to anyone who wants to come along for a sing and a play and the room just vibrates with joy.”

Locals will no doubt have seen the Sawtell Ukulele Group perform at events such as the Sawtell Chilli Festival, Fun Day, Summer Sessions and last year at the Coffs Stadium with Elton John.

“We like to keep our repertoire a little left of centre and each month before the Jam we are running a ‘Bowie Workshop’ where we work through a different David Bowie song – so expect to hear a Bowie Medley when the group perform again,” said Stephanie.

During the jam you’ll hear everything from ‘Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah’ to ‘Midnight Special’ – people just call out songs from the ‘Ukulele Club Songbooks’ and the group pumps them out.

The jams are also a great way for people to meet and make new friends.

Two new Coffs Coast residents who moved to the area, Vanessa and Efram, were so glad to ‘find their tribe’.

“We hoped we would find a local ukulele group, choir and salsa classes when we moved here – today just about fit the bill,” said Vanessa.

Another member commented, “Today I felt like I was in a band even though I’m only a beginner.

“There’s definitely safety in numbers.”

If you want to join in the fun, the next Sawtell Ukulele Bowie Workshop is on Saturday 17 July from 11-12.30pm followed by workshop at 1.30 – 3.00pm – check out the Uko Ono website for more details:




Always a happy social vibe at the Ukulele jams.

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