University students who have left home to study return due to the pandemic


MANY of the major impacts of the current pandemic are obvious to all; restrictions, shortages, job losses, businesses closing, economic chaos etcetera, but there are other impacts that aren’t so clear to everyone.

The impact on school children has been well documented, with online learning and homeschooling taking place for months, much to the frustration of many parents and children.

Less reported is the plight of our University students who are attending campuses interstate.

Many Coffs Coast kids finish high school and embark on a major life adventure studying at interstate Universities, often in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Boambee student Lizzy Tune finished her HSC in 2018, worked in a local pharmacy for a year and then commenced University at Griffith in February this year, living on campus.

In mid-March the University moved lectures to online delivery only, meaning Lizzy and her fellow students were sitting in their small rooms all day watching online lectures and tutorials.

As a result she decided to move back home to Coffs Harbour where she could continue her studies online but with more support and comfort, and has been home ever since.

Lizzy told News Of The Area, “Not being in the same room as the lecturer creates a sense of disconnection, and has made studying very challenging.”

This is a common story, with many university students from the area returning home and studying distantly, Lizzy said “At least seven of my HSC class are in the same situation.”

It has been challenging and difficult for them, but the upside is that they have been here to help support the local economy, especially since the relaxation on numbers at food and beverage businesses.

Let’s face it, university students love to party.


By David TUNE

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