Update on Myall Coast region of issues and current topics

Before the rains. Robert Harrison photographed this top shot on the night of the last full moon.


AFTER the deluge of last week’s East Coast Low with wild, wet, and windy conditions, local beaches and communities will take some time to recover.

Moving up from the Tasman, the Low moved up the coast causing flash flooding and large swells which smashed local beaches and bays.

Jimmys Beach, identified by the NSW government as a one of 15 “coastal hotspots” was hit especially hard, with the sea stripping the sand away, forming dangerous sand dune cliffs.

The beachside Boulevard road was temporarily closed to all except local residents with most access paths still closed.

The  MidCoast Council now estimates that 40,000 cubic metres of sand will now be used to restore the beach.

This sand will be sourced from the 120,000 cubic metres of sand currently being dredged from the eastern channel of the Lower Myall River.

The severe weather event also contributed to the  Bureau of Metrology increasing the possibility of a 2020 La Nina event occurring.

This generally means above average winter and spring rainfalls, cooler days, and more tropical cyclones.

The last La Nina to have a significant impact upon Australia lasted from 2010 to 2012.

This week, sunny drier weather fares for students returning to school on Tuesday 21 July with attendance a priority for learning across NSW.

Parents and students are continuing to practice “hands off” in schools, minimising the sharing of stationery, food, and upholding safe hygiene practices.

Education Week starts the 3 August and will encourage students to focus on how to best cope with change, how to build resilience, and the benefits of learning together.

If you have time to help others cope, then the Tea Gardens Meals on Wheels really needs more volunteers this winter.

Please contact 4997 0701 to learn about how to help.

If you need to purchase meals, contact 4997 0800.

NOTA can also report there is some truth to those mysterious power outages that seem to come and go.

Energy providers advise that the localised and often short outages occuring are mostly maintenance.

Customers should be given at least four days notice, with most outages mapped online on each provider’s websites.

Heads up, Essential Energy will be working in the Winda Woppa area on 29 July.

Lastly a big shout out to the residents of North Arm Cove who this week completed sanding and polishing their wonderful local community hall.

Locals also worked together to paint and improve the surrounding gardens.

Exercise, Zumba, and line dancing is back on all in compliance with COVID social distancing requirements.

Masquerade ball time?


By Sandra MURRAY


Restored floors sparkle at the North Arm Cove Community Centre. Thank you to the local Committee and John Bowerman Emporium Sanding.


After the rains, a top shot with astonishing winter colours taken at Myall Lakes National Park last Saturday by Louise Richards

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