Upgrades to Medowie’s skatepark underway

Councillor and Deputy Mayor Chris Doohan, and Reece Reilly, checking out the work being done.
Councillor and Deputy Mayor Chris Doohan, and Reece Reilly, checking out the work being done.


ATTENTION all Medowie skaters, scooters and outdoor enthusiasts, Medowie’s skatepark upgrade is on its way.

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The $20,000 upgrade has begun and is set to be completed in a number of weeks.

This upgrade will consist of a bowl corner/hip and curved rail along with maintenance of the existing facility thanks to Port Stephens Council Central Ward funding.

Port Stephens Central Ward Councillors will be hosting a community barbeque to commemorate the opening of the upgrade to show skate park users that the community trusts them to do the right thing by the improved facility and that they are the metaphorical caretakers.

In short, “If the skate park users look after the skate park, the skate park will look after them.”

At least this is the opinion of Port Stephens Central Ward Councillor and Deputy Mayor Chris Doohan.

Cr Doohan spoke with News Of The Area and said, “Well, we can only hope it’s looked after as well as appreciated and respected as there simply aren’t any more funds for any further repairs after this.”

“But in saying that, we recognise the importance of having a facility of this nature in Medowie and we’re sure the skate park will continue to be a frequently used resource.”

Local skater Reece Reilly is confident the skate park will be used even more frequently thanks to the additions, telling News Of The Area, “I think it’s going to get used a lot more after this.”

“The new hip and curved rail will give all of the local skaters another opportunity to learn some new skills and make us better skaters.”
“We really want the community to get behind this,” Cr Doohan added .

“So I’m asking local businesses to assist in helping us run the community barbeque with donations of food or drink, or even their time if they are able.”

“We want to send a loud and clear message to the users of the skate park that this is their skate park and that we trust them to take care of it,” he said.

If you’re interested in helping out at the opening, please email Chris Doohan on [email protected]


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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