Vaccinations: Pfizer and AstraZeneca locations in the Nambucca Valley


FROM Monday 12 July at the Nambucca Respiratory Clinic, located at Nambucca Healthcare Centre at Nambucca Plaza, the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination will be available to be booked online.

“I can confirm we will be providing Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccinations at our Respiratory Clinic,” said Sheree Smith, Practice Manager, Nambucca Healthcare Centre.

“We have safely received our first batch and are preparing for online bookings to commence on Monday 12 July.

“We request the community’s understanding that as our supply is extremely limited, no more than around 20 per day, we are prioritising our most vulnerable and essential workers.

“The short time between dose 1 and 2 of three weeks (compared to the AstraZeneca 12 weeks between doses) also interrupts our ability to provide ongoing first doses (the second doses come from the same supply).

“We are looking forward to an increase in supply over the upcoming months, increasing our ability to offer appointments.”

The Nambucca Respiratory Clinic currently offers AstraZeneca vaccinations and has booking times available within the next week (at the time of writing).

“In April of this year we received a strong supply of AstraZeneca vaccines and commenced vaccinations.

“So far we have vaccinated over 3,000 Nambucca Valley residents and are very proud of our contribution to the safety and wellbeing of our community.”

Ms Smith has called on the community for patience and respect during the rollout of the vaccine.

“We request the community are patient and treat our staff with respect and understanding during this time.

“They face extraordinary challenges and pressure on a daily basis keeping up with the evolving pandemic landscape we have to navigate in order to bring these services to the public safely and efficiently.

“Often our staff only become aware of the numerous changes to the guidelines (sometimes daily) as a member of the public, with little to no notice to make the changes required to our systems and processes,” she said.

The Coffs Harbour Health Campus, located at 345 Pacific Hwy, Coffs Harbour is currently offering both AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccinations.

Not in the Nambucca Valley, but close by, this centre is currently the closest vaccination centre to the Valley for those wanting to book in for the Pfizer vaccinations prior to 12 July.

News Of The Area spoke with the Coffs Harbour Health Campus and were informed that there was a six week wait for the Pfizer vaccination.

The next appointment available, at the time of reporting, is late August.

Bawrunga Medical Service, located at 1 Marshall Way, Nambucca Heads, offers the AstraZeneca vaccine but does not have the storage capacity to keep the Pfizer vaccination, which needs to be kept at 90 to -60 degrees for longer term storage.

Once removed to -15 to -25 degrees it can be kept for two weeks.

At the time of reporting the next available AstraZeneca appointment was mid July at Bawrunga.

NSW Health is updating and adding vaccination locations so it is worthwhile keeping updated online.

To find an appointment time, search online for “covid vaccine eligibility’ or visit and you will be taken through the steps to identify the best vaccine for you and be given the ability to nominate the closest provider for that vaccine.

From there you will be able to book in.

It is necessary to get two doses of Pfizer, the second dose 3-4 weeks after the first dose.

The two AstraZeneca doses are received 12 weeks apart.

Useful contacts for vaccinations of AstraZeneca and Pfizer in the Valley:

Nambucca Healthcare Centre online booking

Bawrunga Medical Service online booking or (02) 6568 8144

For those without internet access call Health Direct on 1300 011 226.



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