Valla Voices and Bellingen Sinfonia perform Colours of Home concert

Bonnie Nilsson and Paul Jarman – Valla Voices.


A COLLABORATION between Valla Voices and Bellingen Youth Orchestra Sinfonia and String School brings their first concert collaboration to Stockton Hall, Bellingen High School on July 31.

Called ‘Colours of Home’ the concert celebrates local talent performing Australian music with a little Mozart in for good measure, because it’s so beautiful,” Bonnie Nilsson, Co-Founder of Valla Voices told News Of The Area.

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With bushfires, floods and covid cancellations, this is a long-delayed event which now celebrates the fact that the singers can sing, and the orchestra can play.

“Singing was banned for what was probably the first time in modern history, as a Covid restriction in 2020.

“That’s a huge thing to get your head around, especially when you’re a singer:”

“As soon as we could, we committed to bring singing back into our lives and that’s when we approached the Bellingen Youth Orchestra to collaborate in this concert.

“Amber Davis, Director of Sinfonia loved the idea and much planning and rehearsals later we have a concert planned for July 31 at Bellingen High School.”

Paul Jarman, Bonnie’s husband and co-founder of Valla Voices has written much of the music for the concert along with pieces by Lisa Young and Bonnie.

Also joining the line-up for the concert is internationally renowned tabla player, Bobby Singh, who has recently moved to the area.

“There will be soloists, young kids performing, a great balance of voices and divine string repertoire.”

The concert opens with ‘Hear the Pipes Call’, a mainland premiere, having made its world premiere in Hobart 2017.

“And the second half features the song cycle ‘Turn on the Open Sea’ by Paul Jarman, an Australian Choral Classic, which is this year celebrating its 20th anniversary.”

The connection between Paul and the Bellingen Youth Orchestra began to flourish in 2016 when the orchestra commissioned him to write a piece for them as part of the Fine Music Festival.

This produced the world premiere of Paul’s work with Bellingen Youth Orchestra, ‘Wubaan Barri’, in collaboration with well known local Gumbayngirr Elder, Uncle Michael Jarret and acclaimed choir, the Birralee Voices from Brisbane.





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