Valla’s Barru Working Kelpies appear at Top Dog Film Festival

Valla’s Scot Amon is showing puppies from his Barru Working Kelpies during the Top Dog Film Festival.


VALLA’s Barru Working Kelpies are live guests at Top Dog Film Festival, along with their handler, Scott Amon.

“I was chuffed to be asked to bring in some of our team to add flavour to the Top Dog Film Festival,” Scott told News Of The Area.

“Our dogs are as keen for a meet and greet with a mob of humans, as they are to work a mob of cattle.”

The 2021 Top Dog Film Festival, Saturday 25 September, at Coffs’ Jetty Memorial Theatre, presents a neatly curated two-hour program of short, canine-themed films featuring the most inspirational, heart-warming and entertaining stories about dogs and their human companions, from independent filmmakers around the globe.

Festival Founder Jemima Robinson told News Of The Area, “The festival is all about bringing together a community of dog lovers to celebrate the incredible impact dogs have on our lives.”

Dogs from all walks of life are featured, from talented dancing poodles to award-winning New Zealand sheep dogs; from the perfect guide dog for an outdoorsman in Canada to the diminishing breed of sled dogs in Greenland.

“We’re excited that Scott is bringing along two Barru Working Kelpie dogs for ‘pats and chats’ in the foyer before the screening.

“Scott will join us on stage at the beginning of the second half, for a Q&A about how he trains the dogs to be amongst the best shepherding dogs,” said Jemima.

Scott and Trish Amon have bred working kelpies in the Valla area, and on the Coffs Coast, for over 20 years.

Their dogs have been exported to many countries throughout the world and to all parts of Australia.

“Our dogs are selected from a heritage line of kelpies selected for their naturally inherited working traits and temperament,” said Scott.

“A single quality working kelpie can do the job of numerous employees and has an uncanny ability not just to shift livestock, but to calm them and manage them more efficiently and effectively than any human.

“The bond that a shepherd or livestock guardian has with its working dog is unique and special.

“A good handler understands that our human values and communication are of little use to a true human/canine relationship.

“So, the handler takes the place of an alpha dog and builds a canine-leader relationship built on rules, boundaries and guidelines delivered in a firm but fair manner.

“It is common for a stockperson and dog to drove and shepherd stock for many hours with often limited communication.

“The working dogs’ loyalty, spirit and devotion to a good handler is unrivalled in the animal world.

“Dogs live in the moment and do not dwell on what might happen tomorrow or what happened yesterday.

“We may all benefit from taking a leaf out of their book.”





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