Valley Performing Arts Centre holds ATOD exams amidst new Covid-19 restrictions

Test 3 Jazz exam (L-R) Matilda Williams, Mia Francis,Milla Field,khloe Emary, Bayley Green, Ella Townsend.


IT has been a tough run for the dancers at the Valley Performing Arts Centre, with Covid-19 shutting down all dance studios for months during the 2020 pandemic.

It was a time of celebration when the restrictions were finally lifted and the young dancers in the Nambucca Valley were able to perform again.

With the ATOD Student Technical Examinations due to take place on June 27 and 28, the entire Valley Performing Arts Centre family waited with baited breath to see what the restrictions were going to be with the most recent flare up of Covid-19.

Thankfully, the ATOD exams were allowed to go ahead.

“All our dancers were faced with having to mask-up on Sunday as the Covid-19 restrictions were updated,” said Alison Launt, Principal/Owner of Valley Performing Arts Centre.

“Watching my dancers embracing this new challenge while they had to perform at their best was remarkable as no one complained and resulted in all of them passing their exams with astounding results.

“I am forever bursting with pride for my dancers as I pass my own passions on to them.”

Alison opened the dance studio in 1984 and has seen thousands of young Nambucca Valley locals dance through her doors.

As a qualified dance teacher registered with the Australian Teachers of Dancing, Glenn Wood Tap and the Acrobatic Dance Association, Alison was bursting with pride as she spoke of her students achievements.

Together with the very talented Chloe Gleeson, Alison teaches a range of genres such as Classical Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, and Acrobatic Dance.

“Our classes are run in a caring and nurturing environment where we encourage the individuality of our students to shine through,” Alison said.

“We are an inclusive space where we believe that a dancer doesn’t come in a particular set body type, but we are all designed to dance.

“Our classes are designed for beginners to advanced (pre-professional) and from three years to adults.

“Our dancers are among the most talented on the North Coast as we have won many eisteddfods both as a group and as soloists.

“Dancers can customise their dance training and do as little as two classes or as many as nine classes per week,” Alison told News Of The Area.

Valley Performing Arts Centre is currently taking enrolments for Term 3 as they commence the performance part of 2021 and work towards the end of year concerts.

You can follow the adventures of this fabulous dance club on social media by following Valley Performing Arts Centre or you can email Alison Launt at [email protected] if you have any further questions.

A big congratulations to all of the dancers for a successful weekend of exams.




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