Vandals blamed for Winda Woppa Damage

WINDA WOPPA: Damaged Viewing Platform. (left) WINDA WOPPA: Damaged viewing platform by suspected vandals. (right)
WINDA WOPPA: Damaged Viewing Platform. (left)
WINDA WOPPA: Damaged viewing platform by suspected vandals. (right)


Our Myall Coast, particularly Jimmy’s Beach and Winda Woppa, have been doing it pretty tough the last few months.

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There’s been the bouts of atrocious weather and last month the debris coming ashore from the container ship disaster off Port Stephens.

Now vandals are being blamed for destroying the viewing platform at Winda Woppa.

Over the past 12 months a number of planks had gone missing, but now the platform is definitely not negotiable.

Ken Garrad, President of the Winda Woppa Association said, “Last week one of our members was passing it and was shocked to find most of the planking had been stolen and apparently burned in an open fire nearby.”

Along with the remains of the campfire, rubbish had been dumped and the remains of a tree sawn down to its stump.

Police believe the damage may have been caused over the long weekend in June.

“If you were in town for the long weekend you would be aware that there was quite an influx of holiday makers,” Snr Constable Dave Coyle said.

“It truly was a busy three days.”

“I am very aware of your frustration and disappointment at the damage to the platform. It is something I won’t tolerate.”

“In relation to the fishing equipment being boats, trailers etc being left on the beach, I have liaised with the Chairman of the Commercial Fishermen’s Co Op Newcastle who is going to arrange for the items to be removed by their owners,” Police Officer Coyle said.

The Winda Woppa Association has contacted MidCoast Council in regards to repairing the platform.

Dan Aldridge, Manager of Community Spaces, Recreation and Trades said, “We are looking at $11,500 for MidCoast Council to construct a new viewing platform.”

“If you’re lucky enough to secure funding in the near future, we may be unable to carry the works out in a timely fashion.”



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  1. Next time use a non combustible material for construction of the viewing platform would perhaps deter vandals

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