Victorian family new to the Myall Coast join the Scouts in Bulahdelah

Hyrum, Adam, Lucy and Joey Mohring are all now members of the Bulahdelah Scouts.


WHEN it comes to being prepared there’s a new family in the area that is bringing their kids up to be just that.

Scouts has been teaching children how to be prepared in Australia since 1908.

From its English origins Scouting struck an enthusiastic chord among boys in so many countries that it is now coordinated globally by the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM).

From its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, the WOSM provides unity amongst the 155 national Scouting organisations (representing a Scout membership of over 28 million).

Scouts are well represented in Port Stephens with Bulahdelah, Raymond Terrace, Nelson Bay, Anna Bay and Seaham just some of the towns across Port Stephens and the Myall Coast offering Scouts to local youth, and the activity remains a popular one.

Bulahdelah Scout Leader Nicky Hammerl told News Of The Area, “We recently had a father and three of his kids join Scouts.”

The Mohring family was lucky to miss the harsh Victorian lockdown as they moved interstate from Geelong in August.

Since their arrival in Bulahdelah, father Hyrum has joined as a Scout Leader.

Hyrum’s three children have also got involved, with Joey joining Scouts, Lucy joining Cubs and Adam joining the Joeys.

“Hyrum had experienced Scouts as a young fella and had happy memories of his time in the Scouts and wanted to be part of bringing joy he felt then to the young people in this community,” said Nicky.

“Hyrum brings lots of skills to the Scouts.

“He has made his own boat, loves kayaking and tying knots to name a few,” she said.

Bulahdelah Scouts are still in need of volunteers to offer life skills to the local youth through the Scout movement.

The organisation is seeking two Cub Leaders.

If you would like to contribute to the Scouting movement and the future of Bulahdelah’s local youth please contact Kingfisher (aka Nicky Hammerl) on 0410 263 391.



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