Volunteers take to beautifying the Hawks Nest Park

The new mural at the park adjacent to the Hawks Nest Community Centre.


HAWKS Nest Park has been given a facelift.

In 2020, two members from the Hawks Nest Tea Gardens Progress Association, Kath Verdon and Jeanette Hart, put together a team to fix up the park adjacent to the Hawks Nest Community Centre.

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Supported by MidCoast Council and Steve Howard, MidCoast Council’s Community Liaison Park and Recreational Service Officer, a team of twenty volunteers worked relentlessly multiple times a week to bring the park back to life.

Now, a smaller group of volunteers continue to meet weekly to weed, water and maintain the garden.

After the initial stages of beautification took place, the next step was to paint a natural-looking mural on the toilet block to accentuate the park environment.

Once again supported by MidCoast Council, a new team, consisting of five U3A art group members began to work on the mural.

Jeanette Hart, Bev Sruik, Helen Fitzgerald, Gay McKay and Sandy Flinn, took six weeks of multiple meetings a week to bring this mural to life.

Through consultation with the local preschool centre, extra local animals and plants were added to the mural as an education tool for the local children.

Jeanette Hart told News Of The Area of the importance of this mural.

“Only local animals and plants were included in the mural to reflect our beautiful area.

“It was essential to ensure that Belinda the local dingo (as named by the preschool children) was included in our mural as she often visited during the painting process.

“The community response to the mural and park beatification has been extremely positive with more patrons utilizing the facility now and many wanting more murals around the town,” Ms Hart said.

Thrilled by the progress so far, Jeanette confirms that work for the park is not yet complete, with stage three involving another smaller mural on the side of the toilet wall to begin work when COVID restrictions are lifted.

“I was so passionate about fixing and improving areas in Hawks Nest and I’m so happy to have had so much help from locals, both gardeners and artists, to make this dream of Hawks Nest Park becoming more appealing, come true.

“Hopefully this will be the first of many,” Ms Hart said.




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