VOX POPULI Why is a Coffs Coast local paper important?

Grant Da Costa
“I can’t wait for this paper. I’m excited.”
“A local newspaper is a one stop shop.”
“I can see everything that is going on in the local area plus it’s also got ads from businesses so if there are things that I need or want or on special I can grab those.”


Rhys and Pat Jackson
“I like to look at the notices and what’s going on.”
“I start from the front and go right through.”
“We will know what’s going on now with community groups, local news and hatches, matches and dispatches also known as Births, Deaths and Marriages.”
“Without a paper we won’t know what infrastructure projects are going on and we need updating on these things.”


Richard Leeson
“It’s exciting to see a new paper in town and have local content with local people delivering our news.”
“For people that don’t have the ability to use the internet it’s that ability to communicate and read in hard copy and I find a paper so rewarding and you get what’s happening in the community, targeted at the community.”


Rabeka Tong
“We need a newspaper.”
“I mainly check the sports section first.”
“It’s a part of my morning ritual having something to flick through.”
“It’s needed especially for the older generation or others because not everyone watches TV or is on social media.”


Liz Allen
“I like to read local stories, read about local sports and the death notices.”
“I like good quality local news stories that are edited well.”
“So, I’m looking forward to reading about developments and environmental issues.”
“I enjoy having a cup of tea and doing the crosswords.”


Janine Borg
“A paper is enjoyable because there are photos of the local area and local news.”
“I like the births, Deaths and Marriages and mainly the deaths because we have lived here a while.”
“And also, for the real estate.”
“I like to grab a cuppa, go out on the verandah, and read.”


By Sandra MOON

One thought on “VOX POPULI Why is a Coffs Coast local paper important?

  1. Congratulations on your new venture! At last an independent, local FREE newspaper for the Coffs coast.
    Local independent newspapers have traditionally held local decision-makers to account. Please ensure you keep us up to date with Local government issues, developments and decisions which effect our everyday lives.
    Let’s hope local businesses and organisations get behind you and provide the support you need to ensure you remain viable. All the very best.

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