We don’t want to be millionaires

Lionel and Margaret at their recycled RAAF home in Tanilba Bay.


MOST people would love to be millionaires.

They could then do as they pleased.

A new house, car and travel would be within their reach.

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They could even give away work and lead a life of leisure.

For Lionel and Margaret Lewis from Tanilba Bay, their unexpected Lotto win of one million dollars didn’t really change their lifestyle one little bit.

In 1980, the retired couple bought an old house from the RAAF at Williamtown where Lionel served as a sergeant.

It was transported to their block of land at Tanilba Bay and refurbished.

The all up cost in those days was $7,000.

Many of the married quarter houses from the RAAF base were reborn this way.

Infact, the clubhouse at our golf course was a recycled RAAF radio shack.

Lionel said that with their pensions, they had everything they needed for their modest lifestyle.

“Margaret bought the winning ticket which then posed the problem of what to do with all that money,” he said.

“We splashed out and bought a small new car and a stove,” he added.

“We then decided to split most of the money four ways amongst our kids.

“We kept a bit in reserve as we lost some pension entitlements after the big win,” he concluded.

The happy couple was honoured recently being made Life Members of Club Lemon Tree (formerly Lemon Tree Passage Bowling Club) after some forty years of involvement and committee service.



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