Weekly Emergency Services Update for MidCoast

Accident in the Myall Coast area. Photo: NSW RFS – North Arm Cove Brigade.


IT’S time for your weekly emergency update.

Increase in Accidents

Throughout the past two weeks, NSW RFS – North Arm Cove Brigade were called to a number of accidents in the Myall Lakes area.

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“With the increase of traffic on the roads comes an increase in motor vehicle accidents.

“Thankfully all occupants from recent crashes have been injury free and just a bit shaken,” the Brigade said.

NSW RFS Indigenous Pin

On 12 January 2022, the NSW RFS Indigenous Pin was launched by Commissioner Rob Rogers and Minister for Emergency Services and Resilience Steph Cooke to acknowledge and pay respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members.

As an inclusive Service, the symbolic pin highlights the experience and knowledge that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members bring to the NSW RFS and represents the NSW RFS’s ongoing commitment to them and the communities served.

Originally conceived by members, the pin design features the Service crest flanked by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands flags.

“It’s just one way of working to strengthen our relationship with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples,” a spokesperson for NSW Rural Fire Service said.

General Fire Safety

With this warmer weather we have experienced lately it is important to understand just how quickly the ground can dry out.

Stay up to date with what’s happening around you by downloading the FiresNearMeNSW app on your devices.

It’s also important to report anyone you see tossing a lit cigarette out the car window.

Heavy Fines and Demerit point loss applies to anyone who is caught.

Marine Rescue Port Stephens

On 12 January at approximately 3PM the Marine Rescue Port Stephens Radio Base received a request for assistance from a 4M open runabout who was having engine issues just 1KM north of the Myall River camp site.

Watch Officer Robert and MRO Adrian recorded all the information required and passed it onto the (DCO) Julian.

Julian communicated with Mick (Duty Skipper) and the crew were assembled down at the dock getting PS30 ready for her trip up the Myall River.

With one adult and one child on board skipper Mick wasted no time and headed towards the distressed vessel.

Once on scene crew Anthony and Howard with quick line work, they soon had the DV under tow.

Mick set a course to Tea Gardens boat ramp and once there he delivered the vessel safely to shore.

Toxic Mushrooms

Due to recent rain, mushrooms are again popping up in all sorts of places.

NSW Poisons Information Centre advises caregivers and parents to supervise children closely when they are playing outside or visiting parks and playgrounds.

“If you notice mushrooms growing in your garden at home, remove them before young children find them.

“Do not pick or eat wild mushrooms. Australia is home to many poisonous mushrooms and they sometimes look very similar to other edible varieties. It just isn’t worth the risk.”

Always call the Poisons Centre on 131126 for further advice if anyone has eaten wild mushrooms.



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