Weekly learning from home packs created for NSW public primary schools

Guided weekly learning from home packages have been created to help educate NSW public primary school students while lockdown restrictions are in place. Photos: NSW Department of Education.


LEARNING from home has become easier for parents and teachers of primary school students, with the introduction of guided weekly learning packs in NSW public schools and additional training for teachers.

The one-week guided learning packages are specifically designed for K–6 students and have been developed by a team of curriculum and digital education experts to ensure they are easy to navigate for students, parents and carers.

Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell said the guided learning packs are being updated weekly to help teachers keep students engaged and connected.

“The packs are easy to use and cover all the essentials for teachers and students,” Ms Mitchell said.

“They include a full week of learning activities with stage-specific video content which includes teacher guidance, open-ended activities and wellbeing checks.

“All subjects within the K-6 curriculum are addressed on a weekly basis and each day begins with a student wellbeing activity, as well as a brain break during the day and additional activities for students who finish the work early.”

Ms Mitchell said the department was also running new learning from home professional development courses for teachers designed using insights from last year and the current learning from home period.

“Teachers are committed to providing the best possible learning from home experience for their students, and thousands of teachers have engaged with the available professional development resources and webinars,” Ms Mitchell said.

“Teachers have told us that the support has been incredibly useful, helping to guide their students while learning from home and providing additional support for parents and carers navigating online systems.

“I know that learning from home can be challenging, and I’m incredibly proud of the work our principals, teachers, school staff and the department are doing to make this period as instructive, engaging, and supportive as possible.”

The Learning from Home Hub is constantly being updated with material for students, teachers and parents, including learning packages developed by teachers for parents and carers to use with their children and sample timetables for learning, and can be accessed at https://education.nsw.gov.au/teaching-and-learning/learning-from-home/learning-at-home.

The learning from home program provided by your child’s school or class teacher is the priority learning program for your child.


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