Wendy Stein Saves Life Live On Air Whilst Promoting New Humanitarian Book

Wendy at home with her trusty first-aid companion Louis reminding Port Stephens residents to always carry their EpiPens if they require them.


FOR Wendy Stein OAM it’s become second nature to help those abroad and at home when they’re in need.

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After just co-releasing a book and doing the media rounds to rally support for the plight of the women of Papua New Guinea as they struggle for basic medical care her services have been called on again.

Mid-way through an interview on Port Stephens FM to discuss the book ‘Rona Stole Our Relief’, Wendy lept into action to help save the life of her interviewer as he went into anaphylaxis.

Paddy Twohill suffered an anaphylactic reaction live on air as Wendy sat across from him in the broadcast booth and as luck would have it she was carrying an emergency EpiPen with her.

“I was about to go on the air and the producer said that Paddy was feeling a bit unwell and another presenter would be coming in to take over,” said Wendy.

“At first I thought, I hope he doesn’t have any flu-like symptoms or anything like that, but he was just starting to struggle in his speech and we quickly worked out he was going into anaphylaxis.

“He was just going to soldier on and let me do all the talking until someone could take over, but as his condition became more apparent I had to reach in my bag for my EpiPen and administer it to him.”

Adding to the already incredible scenario Wendy then drove Paddy to the Tomaree Community Hospital to ensure he was treated promptly for the potentially lethal reaction.

“Paddy was going to wait for his wife to come and take him to the hospital but I was having none of that,” said Wendy.

“I bundled him into the car and got him in there to see the docs straight away.

“It was lucky I always carry an EpiPen with me as I too suffer from reactions.”

It’s believed the cause of the episode was some unchecked morning tea that contained the allergens.

This is a stark reminder that those who suffer from anaphylaxis need to always carry their EpiPens in case of any emergency.

Paddy is on the mend and will be back on the local airwaves in no time, even sharing a joke with Wendy that his producer was trying to take him out to gain his spot.

The pen has again been proven mightier than the sword, or perhaps this time, the radio presenter’s word.


By Mitch LEES

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