What corrupts the good intentions of our elected officials?

George Partos believes “The angry citizens of Coffs Harbour need to sign the E Petition.”


DEAR News Of The Area,

What is it with our elected representatives that corrupt their otherwise good intentions?

I call it the Brown Paper Bag syndrome.

What’s in the bag could be anyone’s guess but it could be ego, ideology, greed and or money, but whatever it is it should be cut out before it becomes a cancer in our democratic society.

It’s evident in our state and federal arenas and it’s the most insidious when it permeates into our local level of government.

It is very evident when our Mayor uses a casting vote to enforce her very expensive ideas on the majority.

It is time for every concerned citizen to have their say.

Sign the E Petition now and send an emphatic message to our Mayor.

George PARTOS.

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