What’s next for Raymond Terrace? New places for people to brighten main street

Ben Robinson (Panthera Group), Deputy Mayor Paul Le Mottee, Hannah Sheehan (Panthera Group) and Donna Howarth (Circle of Friends) at William Street, Raymond Terrace.


NEW places for people to gather and spend time are on the way for William Street in Raymond Terrace to create a more vibrant town centre and support local businesses.

In the first stage of works, Port Stephens Council plans to deliver three art-inspired shade structures featuring new seating and greenery underneath, lighting and cameras to improve safety, and improved accessible car parking.

The works are thanks to a grant from the NSW Government’s Streets as Shared Spaces program.

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Deputy Mayor Paul Le Mottee says it’s the first stage of more than $1.5 million of works planned for the Raymond Terrace town centre over the next two years.

“In 2020, we asked our community about their vision for Raymond Terrace including what they love about the town centre and what could be improved,” he said.

“We heard they want more shady spots and street furniture, public art, trees and greenery, and improved lighting and safety.

“These works are all about delivering on our community’s vision, which is captured in our award-winning new Public Domain Plan — a long-term plan to revitalise the town centre and create better public spaces.

“With the beautiful river, our Jacaranda-lined streets and a wide array of businesses and services, Raymond Terrace is a great place to spend time and it’s about to get even better.

These works are all about creating places for people to relax, stay a little longer and support our local businesses.

“And this is just the start — we’re continuing to work with our community to plan Stage 2 works that will see more of the town centre spruced with things like landscaping, art, shade, seating and safer pedestrian crossing.

“We’re also getting to work on extending the footpath along the river levee bank and making improvements to nearby Bettles Park to make the area even more attractive for locals and visitors alike,” he said.

There will be some changes to parking as a result of the works including improved accessible parking, moving five spaces to nearby sections of William Street and creating an additional parking space. In stage 2 of the works, there is potential to create even more parking spaces along the main street.

Councillor Le Mottee, along with Council’s Community Engagement team, have spent the week talking to businesses on William Street.

Ben Robinson of Panthera Group says the works will be an improvement to public spaces in Raymond Terrace.

“Raymond Terrace deserves to be highlighted for its potential. We are pleased to see growth opportunities in our community, which will promote increased visitation and spending in local businesses.

“We’re excited to see alignment between our Terrace Central vision and the vision for a revitalised town centre and we welcome the improvements in comfort of public spaces and seating for higher dwell and community experiences in Raymond Terrace.”

Bronwyn White is a local resident who participated in the development of the Raymond Terrace Public Domain Plan and she says it’s great to see action in the town centre.

“Raymond Terrace is such a lovely community and it’s wonderful to see it getting the upgrades it deserves.

“These works will certainly brighten up the town centre and make it a lot greener.

“The artist’s impressions look fantastic.

“One of the highlights for me is the art-inspired shade structure, which has been designed by a local Aboriginal artist.
“To see something like that in Raymond Terrace is really exciting.

“I go to Raymond Terrace town centre every day and it will be great to have more spaces to connect with other people.

“I also see a lot of tourists stopping in Raymond Terrace and there’s not really anywhere to sit and eat, so this will be a nice space for people to spend some time as they stop on their travels,” she said.

Council is continuing its engagement with the Raymond Terrace business community into July.

Stage 1 works are proposed to start in August with Stage 2 proposed for mid-2022.

For more information about this and other projects in Raymond Terrace, visit haveyoursay.portstephens.nsw.gov.au/raymond-terrace-projects


A concept of the proposed works for William Street, Raymond Terrace.

2 thoughts on “What’s next for Raymond Terrace? New places for people to brighten main street

  1. I was wondering what about the roads around the Raymond Terrace area every time it rains the road get worse pot holes are never fixed properly as they should be the roads going up towards Mt hall road as well as down many other roads they are extremely unsafe due to people always tryitrying to avoid the pot holes around Raymond terrace the parts of the roads that do get fixed properly constantly come back due to lack of good work by the Raymond Terracs area thos is coming down to road safety half of the are not marked as they should be there are blind spots due to trees and hedges blocking the veiw around the corners there also should be a law made that stops people from parking on the side of the roads as this is also unsafe im sure i f the members of this towns council drove around the town looking at the roads i am sure you will see exactly what i mean about them on another note why is this town still having trouble with flood management all the pipes that drain are constantly blocked causing water to build up on the road i have traveled around many towns with all respect this is by fare the worst roads i have ever seen safety of the roads should be put before the town center if the town center is done but not the roads then in my eyes it would make the upgrade look bad the main roads down town are also crap this is pure common sense that the roads should be done before the town center i am sure with new roads and the town center being done it will look a lot better and people will be more attracted to the town i am 38 years of age these road have been this way for the last 30 years with only doggie repair work done to the road

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