Who is Fiona McArthur?: Valley Artist in the Spotlight

International author and fabulous midwife of over thirty years, Fiona McArthur.


AUSTRALIAN author Fiona McArthur, perhaps better known in the Nambucca and Macleay Valley as the wonderful midwife Fiona Simpson, who has caught more local babies in her thirty-year career than she could possibly keep count of.

Catching babies isn’t this wonderful lady’s only passion.

Fiona started her writing journey at the age of thirty.

“I started writing early in the mornings when the kids were asleep, though it took me ten years to finish a book,” Fiona told News Of The Area.

Once that book was complete it was accepted for publication one month after she turned forty.

The writing wheels haven’t stopped since that day with Fiona having now published forty-eight novels during her writing career and many more still in the pipelines.

When asked what inspired her to become a writer Fiona said, “With five little boys, being a midwife and my husband working as a paramedic, I wanted a change of lifestyle and writing just sucks you in, hooks you.

“Losing yourself in a scene, being away in your head somewhere listening to other people having amusing conversations is what I love about it.”

Fiona draws on her own personal experience as a midwife in creating her fictional medical romance novels, and her non-fiction educational books.

There isn’t a book you will pick up that doesn’t have a baby in there somewhere.

She has also travelled the world extensively, giving her plenty of material to work with when creating amazing locations for these fabulous books.

Fiona’s is one of Australia’s best-selling authors but her readership doesn’t cease on the Australasian borders.

Fiona’s novels have been published successfully world-wide where she has a huge US and European following.

As the years passed she has found herself enjoying the life of a hybrid author.

Fiona is a household name at Penguin and Harlequin and has also enjoyed releasing many titles through the self-publishing channels.

When asked what her advice for aspiring young authors would be she said,

“Finish the book. Please.

“And celebrate because a lot of people never finish that first book and they don’t make the leap you can only learn from that.

“Then start the next.”

Fiona’s next book published by penguin is called ‘The Farmers Friend’, due for release on August 31.

You can find out more about Fiona and her writing journey by following her on Facebook and Instagram.

Follow her online at www.fionamcarthurauthor.com.



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