Who is the Ghost of Nambucca? Inside the world of rock art

A piece of rock art hidden amongst the colours of the V-Wall.

IF you wander along the V-Wall on a sunny morning you may encounter a collection of small brightly painted rocks, placed among the larger boulders.

If you find one, you may be in possession of the work of one of Nambucca’s local rock artists known as ‘Ghost’.

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A Facebook page called NSW Rocks encourages the finders of these little treasures to post pictures of them on the page, and to either keep or re-hide them at a different location.

Nambucca currently has several ‘rock artists’ leaving their work along the V-Wall.

Everyone has their own style and it can be interesting to observe the distance the rocks travel, should the finder choose to re-hide it at another location and post it on Facebook.

The original postcode is painted on the back.

Ghost told News Of The Area he has always loved drawing, painting and carving, and was encouraged to start painting the stones that he finds from his beach walks by a friend who admired his artistic skills.

“I usually take the dog for a walk and leave the painted stones along the V-Wall most mornings,” Ghost said.

“It’s a great conversation starter and a way to connect with locals and travellers alike.

“I had a lovely encounter with a little girl who had been painting her own rocks to leave and she had found one of mine, and gave me one of hers.

“I treasure it,” he said.

Ghost said rock artistry can work in mysterious ways.

“Recently a friend contacted me and said that she went to wash her hands at a service station at Coolongolook and there was a rock painted by myself waiting for her on the sink.

“She knew it was a sign from their dear mutual friend Geoffro, whose memorial service she was returning home from.”

Ghost said he is “inspired to paint current events on my stones, such as Shane Warne’s passing, Anzac Day themes or even humorous visual comments on the Johnny/Amber trial”.

“But mostly I paint tribal art due to my Islander heritage,” Ghost said.

“It’s nice to know that these little pieces of portable art make people happy.”


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