Williamtown Contamination Wellbeing Program to Start Next Month


THE community is being asked to step outside the ‘Red Zone’.

Funds for the much anticipated well-being program have been allocated and approved to begin programs this October.

Members of the community have been working on setting up a well-being program since February 2016 for all the families affected by the Williamtown contamination saga.

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The University of Newcastle’s Family Action Centre has been hired to be the facilitator of the programs funds.

Philippa Talbot, from the Family Action Centre said, “As an employee of The Family Action Centre, it is wonderful to be part of such a worthwhile community project working with residents to support and help facilitate wellbeing and connectedness through a series of activities that encourage stress reduction and build resilience.”

The University have agreed to allow the community to hold a morning Movement Relaxation class each week with an attached Crèche.

This will run from the 21 October, for 8 consecutive weeks.

It will be held every Friday morning in the Church Hall next to the Port Stephens Church of Christ.

A Thursday evening class has also been approved but will not have a crèche attached.

This will be located at the Yoga Hut, 537 Lemon Tree Passage Road.

Julie Hawkins will be the instructor for both classes.

Julie, lead community coordinator for the program told News of The Area, “This is only the first of the programs, there will be others along with school holiday activities and an opportunity to have something a little more energetic for those who need to let off a bit of steam.”

“We know this isn’t going to fix the problem but hopefully it will give people a time out, the opportunity to relax a little and to have something to look forward to,” she said.

“We plan to keep looking for support from businesses and perhaps even grants because this position we are all in will not be going away soon.”

The community have also met with the dedicated Greens Team, as they too offer their support.

“Greens MPs and local members will do whatever they can to help the Wellbeing Programme get under way,” said Nigel Waters.

All enquiries can be made via “Community Wellbeing Program – Step Outside the Zone” on Facebook or via Julie on 0438 826 806.



One thought on “Williamtown Contamination Wellbeing Program to Start Next Month

  1. Our little community worked so hard as did our Action Groups to ensure this program received this funding.

    Anyone who needs it is welcome to come and take part either kicking back and enjoying or helping out.

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