With Covid lockdown restricting trade, Elk on 38 have suffered another blow with a break and enter in the early hours of Saturday, September 5

Elk on 38 owners Bree Castle, Leigh Castle and Tamara McWilliam.


AT 1:32am on Saturday 5, September local business Elk on 38 in Macksville was broken into for the third time this year.

“It is getting ridiculous,” owner Bree Castle told News Of The Area.

“You can see on the footage in all three instances, it is just children doing the break and enters,”

The footage from the September 5 incident that was given to police shows three young assailants throwing a rock through the front door of the Elk on 38 premises in the early hours of Saturday morning.

When the safety glass didn’t shatter, the thieves proceeded to pull out a hammer where they spent the better part of the next three minutes hammering aggressively at the glass to provide enough space for them to enter the premises.

Once inside they ran straight to the section of the bar where the spirits were kept.

“It was obvious it was the same group of kids,” Bree said.

“They knew exactly where to go, they ran straight to the spirits even running past and ignoring a full tip jar.

“They are getting brazen, they even bought their backpacks along with them to make it easier to carry the numerous bottles of spirits they had stolen.

“If they had been stealing food or money it would be a little less of a bitter pill to swallow, but the fact they have taken alcohol all three times shows it is for self gratification.” Bree stated.

When asked if the police have been successful in finding the thieves that have broken into the Elk on the last three occasions Ms Castle replied, “No, unfortunately in the past, these kids were wearing balaclavas and gloves.

“Their clothing is dark with no identifying markers, the police really had nothing to go on.

“There is a little more detail in Saturday’s footage and we are hopeful the police can work with it and are able to make an arrest this time.”

It was a low blow for the already struggling, family-run business that has been running in Macksville for over seventeen years.

“It is a shame it has happened during lockdown, it is hard enough for us to function as a business at the moment with so many restrictions.

“This was a hit we really didn’t need.

“The annoying part is the clean up takes hours, and the repairs and loss of stock is just below our excess meaning we are unable to claim on our insurance policy.

“We have been avoiding getting bars put on the front door for the last twelve months,” Bree said.

“We love our town and feel bars on windows aren’t a true reflection of the people in our community.”

It is with heavy hearts the owners confirm that bars will be installed at the Elk on 38 premises in coming days.


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