With new COVID restrictions in place, the Nambucca Valley Libraries have you covered for activities to entertain your children

Join the fun at Nambucca Valley Libraries this school holidays.


WITH new Covid-19 restrictions putting a dampener on these school holidays it can be difficult to keep your young ones entertained for the entire school break.

To all the parents wondering what to do with their children during this time and keep them in the Valley, rest assured the Nambucca Valley Libraries have you covered.

On Thursday July 1 from 10:00am-12:00pm, the Nambucca Library will be holding a FREE DIY Speaker Set event.

The children can get their groove on whilst they design their own personal speaker set.

The kit comes with a black texter and music-themed sticker sheet, and the speakers can plug into most phones and tablets.

On July 8 from 10:00am-12:00pm the Macksville Library will be holding a FREE DIY Projector event.

This event will teach the children about lenses and how light bends.

They will build the projector and write or draw something on a slide and watch it as it is projected onto the wall.

To make a booking for one of these fabulous events please contact the Nambucca Heads Library on 65686906 or the Macksville Library on 65681422.

The library will also be running story time throughout the school holidays at the usual times of Tuesday 10:00am at the Nambucca Library and Friday 10:00am at the Macksville Library.



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