Woolgoolga Gallery opens What makes me Happy exhibition

Come along and see what makes Woolgoolga artists happy.


CONTEMPLATING what makes us happy is the inspiration behind the latest exhibition from Woolgoolga Art Group.

The new exhibition opened June 3 and the diverse works are the expression of the local artists to the age-old question: “What makes me happy?”

It is the human condition to always wonder “how could I be happier?”.

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“The past year has forced many people to reflect on the happiness question and many people have changed their opinions on what makes them happy, maybe the Woolgoolga Gallery members have as well,” Sherilyn Hawley from Woolgoolga Art Group, told News Of The Area.

“The scientists have it all worked out: it’s dopamine, the habit former and oxytocin the love hormone, it’s serotonin the status and leadership hormone and it’s endorphins the natural painkiller.

“So, what is it to our members, do they simply have a cuppa, or maybe a good red or white, is it a chat with a friend or a cuddle with a loved one, is it children and their laughter?

“Will they take a walk or read a good book? Maybe it is as simple as laughing and smiling and giving someone else a compliment.

“You will never know until you come into our gallery to see our members’ exhibition ‘What makes me Happy’ showing until 29 June.”




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