Woolgoolga Men’s Bowling Club Results


WOOLGOOLGA Men’s Bowling Club Results

Tuesday 20/4/21

J Taylor and B Sweedman defeated N Womersley and L Walsh 22 – 11

G Pallister and G McInerney defeated T Mc Kenzie and P Buck 32 – 10

J Hurrell and T Allen defeated S Rogers and B Merchant 32 – 14

R Bennell and S Bailey defeated J Kitto and D Mason 23 – 12

K O’Sullivan, J Weston and J Thompson defeated P Hemming, R Baguley and T Marotta 18 – 17

Woolgoolga Men’s Bowling Club Results

Friday 23/4/21

N Wood and T Allen defeated M Campos and S Sweeney 38 – 11

J Hinchley and S Bailey defeated B Richards and B Parker 26 – 14

J Taylor and P Buck defeated Lorna Walsh and N Womersley 20 – 18

J Burgess and M Hopes defeated N Haines and J Womersley 21 – 16

V Valentine and D Valentine defeated Laurie Walsh and G Pallister 25 – 8

B French and R Whelan defeated J Martin and M Stuckings 22 – 15

M Brookes and H Katala defeated S Rogers and B Merchant 19 – 15

R Gurber and B Sweedman defeated H Shutz and R Bennell 24 – 12

T Marotta and J Hurrell defeated J Kowal and B Kowal 21 – 14

Congratulations to 3 Woolgoolga bowlers, Rae Gurber, Val Valentine and Dave Valentine who have recently passed their official training to become fully qualified coaches.


By Glenn LANE

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