Woolgoolga Residents Concerned About New Apartment Block That Would Dominate Streetscape

Scaffolding shows how the proposed development will tower over neighbouring properties.


RESIDENTS in Trafalgar St, Woolgoolga, are extremely apprehensive about a proposed apartment block for their street.

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The Development Application (DA) submitted to the Coffs Harbour City Council is for eight apartments to be built on a block 1012m2 in size with 15 car parking spaces included in the building.

The proposed development has five stories and has parts which will exceed the maximum height levels of 15.5m for Woolgoolga.

The massive development would appear to cover almost the entire block and dwarf the neighbouring properties, which are both two-storey.

The architect’s statement that accompanies the DA paints a very positive picture of the development and provides information to address planning requirements.

Some local residents do not agree and one neighbour has developed a very comprehensive document to object to the development.

Points of difference are numerous, but the major one is simply that the building is not appropriate for the character of the street.

Multiple issues are raised such as shading, noise, loss of amenity, impact on traffic, impact on services and privacy.

Differing opinions to those of the architect include size of apartments and balconies, and impact on neighbours.

Because the development does not appear to be set back from the front or rear boundaries, neighbours also fear that the nature strip on Trafalgar St. will be commandeered by the apartment residents.

Ray Willing, President of the Northern Beaches Residents Association, said, “This development is the thin end of a very unwelcome wedge.”

“If one of these applications gets through, a dangerous precedent will be set and many in the community are worried that Woolgoolga will very quickly become another version of the Gold Coast,” he continued.

Mr. Willing said that the planning process should result in a desirable outcome for Woolgoolga residents.

Of most immediate concern to the neighbours is the scaffolding that has been erected to assist in gauging the impact of the height of the development.

Recent high winds have made them apprehensive about the scaffolding’s stability.

The architect’s office was contacted for comment but did not respond.

When contacted for comment, a Coffs Harbour City Council spokesperson said that planning officers would communicate with objecting neighbours about their concerns.


By Andrew VIVIAN

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