Worimi Conservation Lands on Stockton Beach closed to driving

Worimi Conservation Lands on Stockton Beach closed for driving due to recent weather.


THE Worimi Conservation Lands on Stockton Beach front is currently closed to driving north of Lavis Lane to the Gan Gan access due to the recent weather and rough sea conditions causing erosion on the beachfront.

In the past week, conditions on the beach have worsened, leaving signs to stop four-wheel-drives being erected between the Gan Gan entrance at Anna Bay and the Lavis Lane entrance at Williamtown.

A representative of New South Wales Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) told News Of The Area, “The extent of the damage has been exacerbated by 4WD vehicles driving illegally on the frontal dune attempting to avoid dangerous steep drop offs or high tides.

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“This behaviour destroys the critical vegetation that stabilises the frontal dune, which is an essential natural barrier to maintain the integrity of the dune system and protect the park’s significant cultural sites and values from large ocean swells and storm events.

“As the beach recovers from the storm and swell damage, other driving hazards may develop, including large pools of water, soft, saturated sand and unstable sand banks.

“The current closure will remain in place until the beachfront can be safely reopened for vehicles.”

NPWS and the Worimi Conservation Lands Board of Management are planning a major upgrade of the Gan Gan Road entrance to re-establish and re-vegetate the frontal dune, and install a stabilising ‘Track Pad’, to help prevent vehicles from getting bogged or damaging the frontal dune as they traverse to the beachfront.

Stockton Beach has many ongoing issues that are constantly being addressed by not only National Parks and Wildlife Service, the Worimi Traditional Owners of the land, but the local Council and the Federal Government.

As the beach recovers from recent storms there are changing conditions that all residents should be aware of.

These hazards include large pools of water, steep intertidal zones, soft sand, unstable sandbanks and exposed objects.



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