Workout at the Medowie gym while the kids cared

Child care at the new gym Sam Callaghan and Hannah Cameron with child, Maliyah Cook
Child care at the new gym Sam Callaghan and Hannah Cameron with child, Maliyah Cook

WITH the recent announcement of the upcoming closure of the YMCA’s gym in Raymond Terrace, many attendees will be looking elsewhere for their fitness needs.

For parents with young children, this can be especially difficult, as the cost of a babysitter or a child minding service can be prohibitively expensive.

For Medowie Plus Fitness 24 Hours Gym members with young children, the burden has been eased with the opening of a staffed crèche.

Three staff members work on a roster to provide quality child care while their parents work out at the gym.

Sam Callaghan and Hannah Cameron are both Certificate III in child care qualified; and the third staff member, Tammy Procter, has over six years’ experience in the field, including having worked as a nanny.

Ms Callaghan told Medowie News Of The Area, “The crèche is convenient. Parents can drop off the kids where they work out with only one stop needed and the kids get to play and interact with each other.”

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The gym’s Medowie Munchkins Crèche is open Monday to Friday 8.45am-12noon; 3.30pm-7.00pm and Saturdays from 8.45am-12noon.

The price is $5 per child, per session with special members’ and bulk buy options available.

Ms Cameron told Medowie News Of The Area, “As a parent who also works out, it’s great to have the crèche, because without a babysitter, it would be impossible to come to the gym.”

The crèche is well equipped with toys, games, and other activities for the children to do during their visits.

“Afterwards, there is the Sportz Café next door for a possible ice cream treat for the children and a post-workout juice for the parent.”

The YMCA gym, with crèche, is scheduled to close on July 22, 2016.


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